Summer Seasonal Health & Wellbeing E-Book

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Summer Seasonal Health & Wellbeing E-Book

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Do you want to live a life more connected to the seasons?

Would you like to learn about how to live in harmony with the seasons of Nature, and create a routine that helps you feel healthy and balanced in Summer? My Ayurvedic Inspired Seasonal Living Guide can help you do just that!

In this guide you will …

learn about the ancient Indian science of Ayurveda, one of the oldest medical systems and how it teaches we can live in harmony with the season of Summer. Learn about how Ayurveda considers all matter to be formed of 3 different energies – the doshas; what the dominant dosha is in Summer; how this impacts our wellbeing and what we can do to live in harmony with Summer.

This guide covers...

movement; food; everyday; relationships; work; play.

Journaling exercises, points to consider and actions to try support you in implementing this Ayurvedic inspired seasonal living guidance into your life right away.  

Why I made this guide

Since discovering and learning more about Ayurveda I have found it much easier to connect to the changing seasons, and to make adjustments to support my wellbeing in each season. I love the common sense nature of Ayurvedic guidance, and how it supports us to know ourselves and find health through self knowledge. 

As a holistic coach, Ayurvedic guidance underpins so much of my work. I truly believe this is the most intuitive, supportive and holistic system of health and wellbeing and that its principles can support us all in living a healthier, happier, more intuitive and more connected life. 

I hope that you find this guide inspiring, supportive and informative for you on your seasonal living journey.

The cost of the guide is £10 and it includes information on Ayurvedic theory and science around Summer seasonal living; journaling exercises to help you connect to your own intuition on this subject; actions to support you in integrating these teachings into your life; and meditation suggestions. 

I want this!

A 23 page e-book introducing you to Ayurvedic theory supporting you to stay well in Summer!

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