Work Magic 2022

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Find joy in your work, and in doing work your way. 

Work Magic will support you to find greater joy, ease and sustainability in your work. 

Over 4 weeks we will support you to move from feeling stuck, drained by, and frustrated with work to a place where you feel connected to your magic, and to new beliefs around work that serve you and support you to feel good working your magic every day.

The next live round of Work Magic starts October 31st and ends 25th November.

Work Magic is For You If...

  • You’re completely fed up with the ways society tells us work ‘should’ be
  • When you think about all the things we’re taught about work you feel fired up with anger and frustration
  • You feel that your magic is somehow trapped inside of you, and the way you’re currently showing up for work is not allowing it to flow freely out of you into the world
  • You’re interested in how magical tools and practices such as Tarot, cycle tracking, seasonal alignment, meditation, dance, free movement, affirmations and journaling can be part of what you call work and support you to really thrive in your work
  • You feel like you’re not fully aligned with what your magic is and how you can bring it into the world
  • You are done with playing small and not being all that you know you can be in your work
  • Your people pleasing, overworking tendencies have led to burnout in the past (perhaps several times) and you’re no longer happy with that being the way things are
  • You feel your self doubt is getting in the way of you bringing your magic into the world and you’re ready to change that
  • You have your own 9-5 hangover that’s stopping you doing business your way

Work Magic is Not For You If...

  • You aren’t willing to do the work to question your beliefs around work and rewrite those that aren’t serving you
  • You feel like there’s nothing wrong with our culture around work and productivity
  • You don’t believe in feminine and masculine energies, and don’t feel like work needs more feminine energy bringing to it
  • You’re happy swinging between exhausted and burnt out, and high levels of productivity, pushing and working all hours
  • You don’t believe in burnout
  • You don’t get excited by the idea of the way we do work in our society being completely shaken up and made different
  • You’re not ready to show up and do the uncomfortable work to support yourself to thrive
  • You’re not ready for change

How Work Magic will run

Work Magic is run by Ellen Carr & Kate Banks, rooted in both of our personal experiences and practices with reworking work for ourselves. It's a blend of practical tools, mindset work and coaching and holistic work, embodied practices and things that might be described as 'woo'. 

Work Magic is created with magic at its core, and the practices we share will be woven through the delivery of it. 

  • Over the 4 weeks we'll gather online (via Zoom) for a weekly live call which will be a workshop/training style session. This will be where we'll look at things like our existing work beliefs & where they've come from, rewriting them with compassion, developing self-trust and listening to our intuition. The live calls will be held at a mutually agreed time and will last for approximately 1 hour. These are recorded and available to watch on catch-up.
  • Each week will also have a workbook to support you in continuing the work done in the live call. 
  • We will have a private community space for anyone who wants to engage with an additional community element. Here there will be prompts to encourage you with the work your doing, chance to check in, share with others and seek and offer support. 
  • Each week you will also get additional resources such as embodied practices, meditations, journaling prompts, practical exercises and tools. 
  • As we move through our time together, we will offer suggestions for different magical practices you could try & ways to weave them into your work. 
  • Each Monday (the day governed by the Moon), you'll receive an email from us with some prompts for journaling, practice and connecting to your intuition. 

The course starts October 31st and ends November 25th.

What we'll cover

Here's an outline of what we'll cover over our 4 weeks together:

  1. Beliefs & what’s holding us back. Rewriting our beliefs around work. 
  2. Undoing from perfectionism, people pleasing & self doubt
  3. Your magic; connecting to and owning your magic, plus identifying what feels magic for you.
  4. Bringing your new beliefs together with your magic to create your new working life &  a plan for how to continue with it, plus a live Q&A to over anything you want to in more detail. 

Transformation, of course, takes time and we can't say exactly how you'll feel by the end of this programme. But, we hope that by the end you will have: 

  • Identified old work beliefs that aren't serving you, and rewritten them for ones that do serve you. 
  • Connected to your vision of what a joyful and aligned work life is for you. 
  • Created a bespoke toolbox of supportive practices to anchor joy,  purpose and alignment into your working life.
  • Begun honing your skills in listening to, and trusting, your intuition above the noise of external 'shoulds'. 
  • Learned to notice your resistance, what might stop you from working in this way, and developed ways to work with this. 

Here's what previous course attendees have to say...

"Using magic and cycles to guide me through my next chapter makes me feel hopeful that I can bring change to myself and my work."

"During our time together I have discovered that work can be magical. I am magical!"

"The thought of trying new things was exciting, now it's even more so. I feel more confident about possibly returning to a leadership role, which I'd previously written off."

Payment Options

Payment plans are available. We can arrange a 3 month plan, or something different if it suits you better. Please get in touch with us on to set up a payment plan.

If investing in this course would leave you unable to meet your basic costs, or you are part of a marginalised community, there is an option to access a ‘Pay What You Can’ places available. 

‘Pay What You Can’ can be either an upfront payment, or a bespoke payment plan.
Please contact us on to arrange this option. We trust that if you contact us, this is the right option for you and will not ask any questions about this. 

Ellen Carr

I’m a holistic coach and mentor for quiet rebels who are ready to rip up the rules and create a life in which they can thrive. I’ve spent the past 4 years breaking free of the 9-5 hangover, rewriting my own beliefs around work and compassionately working with my self doubt so that I can create a working life that allows me to truly work my magic in the world. I believe that work can, and should, be pleasurable and my dream vision for the future is a world where we are all doing work that truly fulfils us and lights us up. I know this isn’t the world we currently live in, and so all my teaching always moves between the dream and the reality offering practical steps for changes we can make in our lives right now. 

As a certified yoga teacher and holistic health professional, and theatre maker my work takes a creative and embodied approach where I consider the mind-body-spirit as one.

 Kate Banks

I’m a life design coach for humans who want to live outside of society’s boxes and constraints. 

After a lifetime of ticking other people’s boxes and working long hours in order to succeed as an engineer, I chose ‘career suicide’ and started a family. My transition from corporate life to building a multi-faceted, fulfilling work life has involved a lot of sticky experimentation and circular learning, all while sitting in the messiness of uncertainty and change. This is where I deeply believe that the magic happens, where we grow and open up to a whole world of hope and opportunity.

As a dedicated learning geek, I take immense joy in offering a wonderful suite of proven tools and techniques to help you achieve your goals, honour your boundaries, make courageous decisions, and show compassion and kindness to yourself.


Do I need to have my own business to join Work Magic? 

No, you don’t! Work Magic will support you in changing your beliefs about work, finding joy in your work and connecting to your magic whatever your work looks like. If you work for yourself then you will perhaps have more freedom to make changes in how you work, but we’re creating the programme so it can meet you wherever you are and support you to make changes right away. Whether you have your own business full time, run a business alongside working for somebody else, have a dream of having your own business one day or simply feel that you aren’t fulfilling your purpose and there’s something missing from your work, Work Magic will support you to create the transformation you crave.

Is there a payment plan? 

Yes, payment plans are available with all options. We can arrange a 3 month plan, or something different if it suits you better. Please get in touch with us on to set up a payment plan. 

How does Work Magic run?

It will be run over 4 weeks, and hosted jointly by Ellen and Kate. Each week will have a live Zoom call which will be a workshop/training style session, and you will receive emails containing supporting workbooks and resources. There will also be a private community on Facebook and/or Voxer for support between sessions. The live calls will be held at a mutually agreed time and will last for approximately 1 hour. These are recorded and available to watch on catch-up.

I’m employed by someone else, is Work Magic for me?

Yes, you can apply the work we will do in Work Magic to both employed and self-employed work. We will be rewriting your beliefs around work and exploring different practices to make your work more joyful. We will help you to create a supportive plan to work in alignment with your energy and cycles, and this can be adapted to whatever your current working situation looks like.

What do you mean when you talk about masculine and feminine energy? 

Our ideas around masculine and feminine energy are taken from Eastern philosophical teachings. They have nothing to do with gender, but are two distinct energies that every one of us has within us and can channel. Masculine energy is related to the sun, the element of fire - it’s the energy of action, force, getting things done. Feminine energy is related to the moon, the element of water - it’s the energy of creativity, introspection, rest. We need both energies in our lives, but it is our opinion that modern Western society has been dominated by the masculine for a very long time and that learning to align with feminine energy will support all of us within our work and lives.  

What do you mean by your unique magic? 

We believe that everybody has certain ways of doing things that light them up, feel great and bring them into a state of flow. Another way of thinking about this could be your “zone of genius”, or even simply your strengths. When we can identify and champion our own unique magic, we can begin to work in ways that honour this. For example, Ellen’s unique magic lies in collaboration, nurturing ideas to life, creating transformational experiences and working in a very fluid and creative way. Kate’s unique magic lies in creating order from chaos, making things happen, connecting the dots and bringing logical thinking to creative processes. When we work together we support each other in working our own unique magic, and the work feels joyful and flows freely.

Will the course be running again? 

Yes, our intention is that Work Magic will run again in 2023 but it may be self-paced rather than a live round. Please sign up to the mailing list to be notified of availability and pricing for this.

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Work Magic 2022

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